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This one’s all about collars: what they mean, how they work, and why people wear them. We’ll talk history, significance, and meaning with pups and humans alike.

Puppy Hierarchy and Its Discontents

Where do you (or your pup) fall on the puppy hierarchy? On a scale of alpha to omega, how do you see yourself? Here’s why that’s a dangerous question.
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Consent in Pet Play

Pup Aechus talks with Topher Chandler about how, when, and why consent negotiations are necessary both before and during pet-play scenes.
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The Power of Headspace

What does critter headspace do for pet players? What sort of power does it entail or provide? How is that power exchanged and signified? Read to learn more.
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Healthy Headspace

I scamper through the highlights of healthy headspace—things critters (and the humans who love them) can keep in mind when preparing for, engaging in, and recovering from pet play.
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Community Building in Puppy Play

Chicago's Pup Scout shares his thoughts on building, shaping, and preserving the puppy-play community and why we need to actively work to protect it.