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Episodes feature interviews with pups (and their pals) from across the globe. You’ll hear a wide variety of ideas and perspectives.

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Keep up-to-speed on the issues facing the puppy community—you’ll meet pups involved in important events and conversations.

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New to pup play? No worries! This show will help you learn more about your interests and opportunities within the community.

Human pup with all-black neoprene hood and orange tongue. A chew toy sticks out of the muzzle, bone-shaped and made of tennis-ball material. The pup wears a "Pound Puppy" T-shirt and is sitting (like a good boy) on stairs.

About The Host

Aechus Kurendys

The creator and host of The Dog Dish, pup Aechus, identifies as a happily uncollared gamma stray Clumber Spaniel. He’s calm and independent, but sometimes a little too head-strong. Fun fact: He hates squeaky toys.

 Aechus’s human alter-ego has been working with sound editing since the late ’90s, and he’s been a professional podcaster since 2015. The Dog Dish grew out of a desire to bring the conversational dialogue benefits of podcasts to the human puppy community.

Because it’s a FAQ: Aechus is derived from the Latin “aecus”, meaning fair, impartial, and kind. Kurendys is from the Latin “curandus”, meaning patient and cared-for. (Hear more in the Names episode!)

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Guests on The Dog Dish come from across the globe, bringing you a variety of perspectives on each topic we address. Keep your ears perked—there’s a lot more to come!
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The Latest Episodes


Welcoming, Part 2

Hear additional stories of pups and people welcoming newcomers into pet-play spaces and learn how to improve first-time visits for everyone.

Welcoming, Part 1

Hear stories of pups and people welcoming newcomers into pet-play spaces and learn how to improve first-time visits for everyone.


Puppy titles are popular and maybe kind of a big deal. We bark about the contests: what they mean, how they work, and how to prepare for one.
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What is Puppy Play?

Curious what puppy play is all about? Learn what it is, how it works, where it came from, and where it's going.

Wondering what Puppy Play is?

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