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The Dog Dish
What is Puppy Play?

Maybe you’ve heard about puppy play but don’t what it is. Or perhaps you’ve seen people wearing strange dog masks and don’t know what that’s about. Or maybe a friend of yours suggested that you should look into this activity because they have fun with it and think you might, too.

Whatever brings you here, let’s try and get you some answers. In this episode, I explain what puppy play is (and how puppies differ from furries); talk through how puppy play works in public, private, and intimate spaces; and discuss the history/origins and future of puppy play.

What it is

I talk through the distinction between the zoomorphic escapism of puppies and the anthropomorphic cosplay of furries. Put simply, that just means puppies are people who pretend to be animals, while furries dress in costumes to bring to life animals acting like people. (Thanks to Darian McBark for providing the clarifying terminology.) I also mention the connection between puppy play and mental health, but that’s discussed further in a separate episode.

How it Works

Next, I talk about what actually happens when people participate in this particular kink. We’ll see how it works in public spaces (in what we call “moshes”), in private spaces (in friend/family groups), and in intimate spaces (including the bedroom and social media). You’ll also learn the basic rule for bystanders: Treat human pups like real dogs.

Its History and Future

To fully understand why people engage in human-pup play, it helps to know where it comes from. Puppies have their origins in the BDSM world, and we’ll look at the commonly accepted origin story. Then we talk about what the future holds. Hint: It’s not all puppies.


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