The Dog Dish

Critter play is dominated by puppies who are cisgendered gay men. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Most queer spaces and events are designed for—wait for it—cisgendered gay men. But they don’t have to be. Most BDSM spaces cater to the expectations of—you guessed it—cisgendered gay men. But none of this has to be this way. All these presumed-exclusive spaces, events, and kinks means folks who are female, relations that are non-gay-male, and critters who are non-puppies end up as outliers at every turn. In this episode, we put all our attention on just those people.

I had a conversation with the lovely ladies from the Trouble Comes in Three podcast—a femdom, a kitty, and a curvy corgi. We discuss the kink community in general, and the pet-play community in particular, through the eyes of folks who are non-mainstream. But these ladies totally kick ass. They bring us an episode all about the kinds of folks we don’t hear enough about or from.

In our conversation, Madam Hexe mentions the not-famous-enough Stormé DeLarverie. After this episode, please check out “The Cowboy of the West Village” from The Nod. Like all outliers, Stormé doesn’t get enough recognition for her awesomeness. Please help fix that and learn about her amazing story.