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The Dog Dish
Community Building in Puppy Play

What puppy communities are you involved in? How did you find your way to them—who helped point you in the right direction? What have you done to help build community or welcome other pups into it?

In this episode, we hear from Chicago’s Pup Scout and his thoughts on building, shaping, and preserving community. He has advice to share and experience to draw on. He talks about the importance of community-building: “Without our communities, we’re just a bunch of people who dress up like dogs.” *GASP!*

We hear a bit about the history of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, an overview of the kinds of events that make the puppy community in Chicago so robust. As we discuss, larger cities have larger puppy communities, but there are specific things we can keep in mind when building our local PAH groups.

Then Scout and I bark a bit about common problems faced by pups trying to find a place within a group. Things to keep in mind include age limitations, space restrictions, and safe spaces for headspace. Many puppy events take place in bars, but that might not be the best solution for everyone. Where in your city can puppies go to play or socialize?

That all gives us lots to think about. So grab a chew toy (and maybe find a lap), perk up your ears, and let’s hear from Scout!

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