Thanks for your interest in dishing it out!

This page provides an overview of what to expect with a podcast interview, as well as some good things to keep in mind to help you sound your best. If everything sounds good, there’s a link at the bottom of the page to go ahead and schedule a time for our interview that works well for you.

Most Important Thing: 
Wear Headphones

Recording our voices separately makes the biggest difference in the sound quality of an interview. The easiest way to separate our voices is to wear headphones when we chat. Even the basic headphones and mic that came with your cell phone are enough to avoid hearing each other in our recordings.

The audio recording I make separates each side of the conversation, but sometimes things garble. When we chat, I’ll ask you to record yourself locally, too, and send me the file afterward (if possible). Don’t worry—I’ll show you how once we start talking.

Things to Avoid

Though not as important as the headphone rule, these common problems make a noticeable difference in sound quality during an interview. Please try to eliminate these:

Noisy Places

Outdoor Spaces

Bad Connections

About Privacy

We’ll use a Skype video call for the interview, just because video helps us interact naturally. Don’t worry, though — I shall make no image/video recording of our call. I only ever record sound, and the only identity referenced will by your pupsona, unless you request otherwise. Please know I respect your privacy (and ask you to respect mine).

Bio-pup wearing spiderman mask. No, seriously. Pup in a hood.

Thanks for sharing your voice with the worldwide puppy community!

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