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Titles, Redux

This bonus episode is a recovery from a goof I made in my rush to release the original version of the Titles episode. I had interviewed a local friend with an international reputation—and I forgot I had the audio! I got so wrapped up editing together the two interviewees from the original version of this episode (and with some unexpected stressors in human life) that I didn’t notice until after publishing that I let down my friend by completely failing to include him, after he so graciously took the time to interview.

First of all, I deeply apologize to Kenzo for the unintended slight. Second, I apologize to you for giving you what ended up being an incomplete episode. And third, I want to acknowledge the added layer of awkwardness here that I’m a cis-gendered white dude with beard and a platform who ended up silencing of one of our community’s prominent Black voices. I was mortified when I discovered the unused audio and the social gaffe I had unintentionally made.

So I’m releasing this bonus episode during November 2022 to ensure all podcast subscribers get to benefit from Kenzo’s contribution to the conversation that I originally released in October, and I’ve already gone back and updated the original episode so anyone new to the show will get the correct version the first time around.

Thanks, as always, for listening to The Dog Dish, and I do hope you enjoy this new and improved version of Episode 12: Titles.


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