The Dog Dish
The Dog Dish
Introducing The Dog Dish


Here’s something new to wrap your ears around: A paw’d-cast all about human puppy play! Introducing The Dog Dish. It’s kind of like a water cooler, but, you know, sort of lower to the ground and a bit sloppier—just like we like it.

Our first episode is coming soon, so here’s a quick tease to get you salivating…or at least to get your ears perked up.

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Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, if you know of a topic or a guest you’d like to hear about, bark at us! We’d love to hear your suggestions. So far, we’re planning episodes on names, gender, community, titles, gear, hierarchy, and a whole lot more. Whatever your interests in human-puppy play are, we want to talk about it so others can learn!




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