Let’s talk about collars.

Pup Aechus wants to make an episode of The Dog Dish all about collars — what they represent, how they’re used, and why they’re important. He asked about collars on Facebook and got a ton of responses. Folks from all over shared their take on what collars mean to them, and most agreed that the only way to understand collars is to hear a variety of perspectives on them.

And here’s the kicker: Aechus doesn’t wear one. So he’s probably the last pup who should share ideas about them.

And that’s where you come in. If you have a collar, wear a collar, own a collar, make collars, you name it, we want to hear from you by the end of April.

This episode of The Dog Dish will be as crowd-sourced as possible, sharing questions, ideas, and voices from all corners of the pup and broader kink communities.

We particularly need to hear voices from marginalized groups. The sample audio below comes from white, cisgendered males from colonial countries, and that makes the audio rather dull (and the ethics rather icky). So if you’re not a white, cisgendered male puppy from a colonial country, we especially want to hear from you!

So grab your phone, find a quiet spot to talk, and record a voice memo to send in to the show. Keep reading (or listen to the audio instructions bonus minisode) for details.

What You Need

Ideas to Share

Make sure you have thoughts  about the significance of collars. But be clear and succinct. With a lot of contributors, we have to move quickly.

Look below for a list of questions to answer in your recording. There’s lots to talk about!

A Quiet Spot

We want to hear your voice, not the neighbors, traffic, wind, kids, or echo down the hallway. Find the quietest room you can.

The best spot? A clothes closet. Seriously! The clothes absorb any echo in the space.

A Voice Recorder

If you use iOS, find the Voice Memos app on your device. If you use Android, get Smart Voice Recorder. Then press the big record button!

Hold your phone to the side like you’re placing a call or it at least 4″/10cm in front of you. If you want more details, check out NPR’s guide.

What to Record

Your Full Scene Name & Location

Tell us who you are (including any title/moniker) and where you’re from. (Ex. “I’m Pup Aechus from Tampa, Florida.”)

Your Short Name

Say just your name, as though you’re reminding folks who you are again. We’ll use this before your responses to make sure listeners know who’s talking. (Ex. “Aechus”)

Your Answers

Please put a 2-second gap between questions to help editing. Answer as many of these questions as you'd like. Feel free to skip any of them. Just start each answer by stating the question number and a brief pause. (Ex: “Number One. [beat] I wear a Louis Vuitton collar because I’m worth it. [2-second pause] Number Three. [beat] There is no ritual. It's on permanently.”]) But the most important thing: SMILE! Seriously — you sound better when you do.

  1. What kind of collar do you wear? (If you use more than one, describe your favorite.)
  2. What does your collar mean to you?
  3. Describe your ritual for putting on or removing your collar.
  4. How does collaring relate to your specific kink/BDSM role?

A Good Howl

If you’re a puppy, send up a howl as your sign-off. Make it last about 3–5 seconds. We’ll mix them all together for the end of the show. If you're another species, I guess your translation would be “bye”? Or something. Maybe?

How to Contribute Your Response

Save the Recording

Give the recording a meaningful name. Why not something like “Your Name on Collars”?

Tap Share

Use your device’s Share feature to send your saved recording along.

Send it to Aechus

Email the recording to pupaechus@dogdishshow.com. That’s it!

Deadline: End of April

Be sure to send your recording by 4/30.

Thanks for sharing your voice with the worldwide puppy community!​